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Grow Your Business Now

So you want to grow your business right now. Lets be honest with eachother.

Growing a business is hard. It requires effort, hard work, patience. But is it worth to invest time into it? Absolutely YES!

To my readers, you’re probably not satisfied with an ordinary life with an ordinary job. 9-5 pm every day, watch years go by, no progress. You need a challenge. You need to impress yourself (and others). Status is important to you, so is money, and time.

Let me ask you a question. Are you in a situation where you don’t know what to do, or it the case where you are simply sitting and not motivated to continue to work.

First scenario: You don’t know what to do.

Assuming you have a business, it’s running, but you’re not getting enough customers, or any customers for that matter. What can you possibly do ?

  1. Do an extensitve analysis

Find out exactly if your business has a future. Is it too competitive? Is the risk too high compared to potential profit? Have you tried for too long without sucess?

I’m not exactly the type of person to give up an idea or a startup-business easily. And I find that, the more time I’ve put into it, the more difficult it is to let it go. Which obviously makes sense, but lets be honest, it’s very important to constantly strive for other ideas as well. My advice would be sit down and really think through your business. Does it have traffic? Is it increasing or decreasing? This leads into my seond point:


    2. Increase traffic

Without traffic, a business is worth nothing. If you’re only getting traffic from google, that may be impressive, but it’s completely wrong. There are hundreds of ways you could draw traffic to your website, and you should at least focus on 5 different ways. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, (own blogs), advertisements – to name a few.

   3. Increase conversion.

I remember thinking that as long as you have a very high amount of traffic, there would be at least somoene that would convert into money. I remember uploading a lot of popular videos on youtube. After obtaining about a million views, I added a link in the description for my patreon account, thinking that out of a million people, someone would be (naive) enough to donate money to me. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It’s absolutely crucial to never forget that your traffic is not just numbers, but it is infact intelligent people that are overall, at least slightly sceptical, and will think twice before putting their credentials on your website. Make absolutely sure that your website gives the impression of being a high authority and a trusty one.

What are you selling? Is it convincing enough? Is it something someone would easily google and find cheaper some place else? Why would they buy it exactly from you? These are questions you need to ask yourself in order to optimize your conversion rate for your store.

4. Overall assessment

There are two ways of running a business. Running a completely unique one where you are not really competing with others. This is obviously impossible, but an example would be offering a tour guide in a particular place no other guides are taking place. Or selling a very unique product. The other way of running a business, is to enter into an already existing market, but with the intention of making it better. For example, start selling gaming laptops because you know you are able to make them better and cheaper than MSI and Asus.

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